Friday LinkFest: 5.12.17 – Gingerly Witty

Friday LinkFest: 5.12.17

Gingerly Witty Friday LinkFest 5.12.17

Hello and happy Friday guys! Let's get right into things, shall we?

1. Being single, I spend a lot of nights in and watching Netflix can get a little boring sometimes. Here's some nice ideas for nights home alone.

2. As someone who loves old homes, I hold a particular fondness for separated rooms. However, it seems that open floor plans really are the way of the future.

3. My friends and I have a big age range, interests, and goals. This was a good read about maintaining those friendships through different life stages.

4. I've worked quite a number of unpleasant jobs. This article put a lot in perspective.

5. As an introvert, it took me years to realize how big of a difference a pleasant work environment aids to a better quality of life. Finding what kind of environment that is though? Tricky.

6. I'm all about matching sets this summer!

7. Ya'll know I love glamping. Now I have even more places to check out! 

8. Absolutely obsessed with this dress!

9. I won tickets to see Conor Oberst at the Greek Theatre on Saturday! So excited. Check out his awesome tunes!


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26 May

Friday LinkFest: 5.26.17

Gingerly Witty Friday LinkFest 5.26.17

My oh my is it Friday already?! Here we go then!

1. I'm starting to catch on to this sheer clothing trend.

2. I love rhubarb and these look almost too lovely to eat.

3. Take me to this bedroom.

4. I've always been a big proponent of comfy, yet stylish airport travel. Continue reading →


25 May

Personal Style: 26 Ways to Wear Tropical Prints—Even if You’re Not on Vacation

Personal Style: Tropical Prints Gingerly Witty

"Palm fronds, pineapples, super-saturated florals, and flying birds: a good tropical print should whisk you off to a sunny island—even if, in reality, your feet are firmly on a city sidewalk." StyleCaster couldn't have said it better about tropical prints. Not only are they super on-trend this season, they're a great way to add color to your wardrobe.

The once-goofy Hawaiian shirt is making a major comeback this summer, and for more femme sensibilities, dresses laden with banana leaves and hibiscus are an easy way to feel like you’re on the...

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22 May

Home Decor: Space-Saving Built-Ins for Small Spaces

Gingerly Witty Home Decor: Space-Saving Built-Ins for Small Spaces

Built-ins hold a special place in my heart. They remind me of a time when attention to detail and hints of charm were the norm. An era when every nook and cranny of a home could serve a purpose, if you could find and/or afford this type of craftsmanship. 

When it came to apartment hunting, I wanted a small space, which would still allow me to keep my extensive wardrobe collection. Above all the other charming details - from herringbone subway tile, brass fixtures, and bottom kitchen...

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19 May

Friday LinkFest: 5.19.17

Gingerly Witty Friday LinkFest

Another week, another linkfest!

1. I'm always looking for the best shopping list for eating healthy and having nothing go to waste. This one seems good!

2. I guess my next major shopping trip will be to Australia!

3. I've been craving a vacation specifically for the instagram opportunities. This article put a lot in perspective. 

4. Oh...

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